• Tim Burns

Chvrches Live on KEXP

Updated: Apr 24

Listening now to a great set by Chvrches live on KEXP. I learned of Chvrches when my daughters performed Make them Gold at the Trinity Repertory young actors camp and fell in love.

I gotta say, I really love the line from California. It's the story of my life.

No one ever tells ya

There’s freedom in the failure

Their latest album is Screen Violence with a rich fully-produced sound. They are Scottish and a sound that reminds a little of another Scottish band from the 80s called Big Country, except the lyrics are emotionally richer and the sound is clearly 2022.

Looking at their tour dates - it would be a destination concert.

The closest venues are 3 days in Washington DC. June 5-7 and then Lewiston (Buffalo) NY on June 9.

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