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Data Governance Guide Posts

Data Governance is an oft-cited, oft-abused goal.

Essentially, it is the process of governing a strategy for the acquisition and distribution of data.

It encompasses every aspect of many software products.

Most organizations do it wrong.

* Every time you distribute data

* Data endpoint is covered

Common ways people break:

* Distribute data in ad-hoc means

* Through Excel or Google spreadsheets

* Through Marketing Emails

* On web APIs

* On web pages and applications

* With database connections

* Through shared files

Data Governance means getting a handle on what you are distributing.

It means saying no to common means of distributed data, especially shared spread-sheets.

How do you get a handle on your data?

  1. Identify and document your endpoints

  2. Classify endpoints and secure appropriately

  3. Ensure a single source of truth

  4. Establish data dictionaries

Behaviors to avoid

  1. Creating authoritative data outside the core data system (SQL Database)

  2. Creating ad-hoc roles and keys to access points

  3. Distributing code to customers that modify the data outside of core processes

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