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KEXP John Richards Top 5 for 2021

John Richards is my favorite DJ at KEXP, and here are the top 13 artists by frequency of 2021 for his show.

1. David Bowie - Changes - 1973

No surprise that David Bowie again tops the list. Every day we need to go with the flow, "Cha-cha-changes" is there for us.

2. The Clash - Train in Vain - 1980

Why is this song called "Train in Vain?" No idea. Everyone thinks its called "Stand by Me." Great song though.

3. Nation of Language - Wounds of Love - 2021

Finally, a new song. I was beginning to think I got caught in a Dr. Who time loop. I love this band and you should too. Check out The Wounds of Love.

4. New Order - Your Silent Face - 1983

The first lines of this song are, "A thought that never changes - Remains a stupid lie." The rich synthesizer and steady build have a certain dawn-like quality. I am making this song required listening for both my teenagers.

5. Pixies - Where is my Mind? - 1988

Yes, some days start like this. My mind usually can be found at the bottom of my second cup of coffee. Here is a live version that I like very much.

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