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KEXP Live 2023 Wrapup

I listen to KEXP Live every chance I get. For an end-of-year visualization, I looked at a year-over-year comparison of all the artists who visited KEXP in 2022 and the number of plays they had compared to 2023.

Here are some interesting artists that came up as surging in 2023 after visiting KEXP and playing live.

Built to Spill

This indie band out of Boise Idaho has a driving rhythm behind a saturated psychedelic guitar sound. I dig this band and can see why they surged in 2023.


Jungle is an electronic band from London, England. I love their collaborative vocal style and harmonies. Behind all the layers of voices and synthesizers is a great acoustic percussion foundation. This is city-driving music.

Nilüfer Yanya

She is another Londoner with richly layered songs and a solid rhythmic foundation.

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