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Scaling Takes Courage - Don't Settle for the Easy Option

Very few organizations fill in the green cogs in the above picture. Why? It takes courage at every level.

It takes courage to step up and go for many small sales that necessitate a continuous deployment cycle. Most sales folks would rather get a few big customers and operate in time and materials mode. It's the Easy Option.

It takes courage to use test-first frameworks such as PyTest and Junit and expose your code to the rigor of complete code coverage. Most developers would rather rely on their debuggers, their logging, and a one-time validation of their code to scrape by. It's the Easy Option.

It takes courage to trust your team enough to believe that their code will work when it all comes together and takes courage to take ownership as a team to make this happen. It's the Easy Option.

It takes courage to write up your acceptance tests and to take the extra time to implement tests. You would rather release the code, do some manual tests, and hope for the best. It's the Easy Option.

Don't settle for the Easy Option. Move past your fears and do the right thing.

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