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Scripting a Snowflake Stage for AWS

Scripting a Snowflake Stage for AWS is straightforward, but it's easy to get tripped up on the details.

1. Create a Shared Environment File to Store the Important Details (Keep Private)

export EXPORT_BUCKET=<my bucket>
export EXPORT_STAGE="stage/kexp"

export SNOWFLAKE_INTEGRATION_ROLE=<create the role>
export TRUSTED_ENTITY=<Your Snowflake account IAM User>
export TRUSTED_CONDITION=<A Storage Integration Identifier>
export S3_STORAGE_INTEGRATION=<The S3 Bucket for incoming data>

2. Build out the role in IAM with a Cloud Formation template

aws_cloudformation$ make deploy-stage-role

2. Build the Storage Integration as a foundational layer and save the results

snowflake/ddl$ make create-storage-integration

3. Fill in the shared environment file with the output from building the entity

4. Use the STORAGE_AWS_EXTERNAL_ID as a stored credential in creating the role

aws_cloudformation$ make deploy-stage-role

5. Create the stage object

snowflake/ddl$ make create-kexp-stage

The end result here should be a list of all the files that have been loaded from the ongoing Step Functions job.

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