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Place and Work - Working Remotely from Gould, CO

Twenty years ago, I sat in front of the hummingbird feeder at my cabin in Colorado and imagined a life where I lived and worked in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

At that time, the idea of internet in a place where the nearest town is 25 miles away was a little crazy. A few years ago, T-mobile built a cell tower about 7 miles away and I just linked in with a cellular hotspot. The connection is super-slow, but it is still a connection.

I don't think I could work full time remotely from Gould. The network is too slow to support video conferencing, or even remote desktops, but I can do the kind of work that takes thoughtful, deliberate thinking, and I can commit code to a repository.

I feel fortunate to live in a time where place and vocation can shift to our own lives. We can take time to work on projects alone, and then can board an airplane and sit together and come up with big ideas.

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