Exploring the Fascinating Details of Software, Nature, and Data

From nature to software - small details come together to make a grand design.


Data Dictionary and Kaggle

A Dictionary that was a Birthday Present in 1940 Today I discovered Kaggle. It's a fascinating site with Data Science competitions for...

Entropy and Log Loss

Claude Monet 'Morning on the Seine near Giverny' Entropy measures the level of disorder in a system. Cross-Entropy Loss measures the...

A Middle Manager Learns Spark

Photo by Author As I dig into machine learning, I find my mathematical and numerical background makes me a perfect candidate as an expert....

E. W. Dijkstra Archive

E. W. Dijkstra is a very important computer scientist and prolific writer. I like to keep a reference to his work handy. Very inspiring...

Learning from Slack's Data Platform

Big Data Systems Development is filled with complexity, and more often than not, interesting and elegant shortcuts. It is such a vast set...


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