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Analytics, Data Science, and My Own Opinions

The Owl Mountain Institute is dedicated to building Equity and Social change by providing expertise on Enterprise Architecture, Analytics, and Data Science.

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The Importance of Real Radio

P-Town Artist Alley photo by Author Listening to music is important to my mental health. That is why I listen to KEXP. It brings new...

Snowflake Data Ingestion Design Choices

Photo by Author's Wife on Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown As I was playing around with the KEXP Playlist data, I realized that we have...

Random Advice: Commit Messages

I reviewed The Missing Readme for the Geek Culture magazine and it's a little gem of a book filled with wisdom. I like the link to this...

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is a Great Show Ted Lasso is my favorite show on TV right now. The main character is a Football coach turned Soccer coach in...

Who Dis?

My articles made the cover of the Snowflake Medium Blog. Organize Role-Based Access in Snowflake using Stored Procedures and...

Book Review: The Missing Readme

I just started reading The Missing Readme after an interesting interview on Software Engineer Daily. Some quick notes: It's written by...

Happy Rosh Hashanah

I'm not Jewish, but early September has always felt like a new year to me. This year is no different. After a sometimes quiet,...

Monitoring and Alerting on Snowflake

Photo by Author Modern Database Administrators face significant security challenges on cloud-enabled databases like Snowflake. Whether...

Metabase is the Next Big Thing in BI

I've been disappointed with the lack of good BI tools for years. Tableau is too enterprisey. PowerBI has a Windows taint that makes it...

Assessing User Security on Snowflake

Photo by Author I imagine myself as a grumpy DBA some ten years previous and getting the task of assessing security on a database with...

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