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Interesting Security Blogs

A couple of interesting security blogs:


Image from PDCA - Wikipedia Walter Sherwart and W. Edwards Deming were two American engineers who founded modern statistical quality...

JetBrains Security Breach

While I was hoping to spend a focused day on development and writing, I was greeted by this: Widely Used Software Company May Be Entry...

Agile is the new Taylorism

I ran across an article in Medium that draws interesting parallels between Taylorism and modern Agile Scrum. Tobias Higbie The Labor Age,...

This Machine Kills Fascists

My Work in the New Year Woodie Guthrie famously had "This Machine Kills Fascists" painted on his guitar. He stood up to Fascism whenever...

After Certification - Start writing D&D

My Post Vaccine Goals - Play more D&D I'd like to write levels 1-10 campaigns in the Wildemount so when we all get COVID vaccines, I can...

BI versus Data Science

BI is easier because you are visualizing data with tools. Data Science is actionable because you are deep-diving into the data and...

Serverless 2020 Highlights

This dog cannot find his favorite fetch toy (where is it?) Lambda Functions Good point from the AWS presentation: Lambda responds to...

Scrutinize Every Cost

Photo by Maria Hochgesang on Unsplash I worked for a $100 million company that restricted development team accounts to $100/month. At...

Cloud Adoption Framework Friday

I'm spending the day making up time on my AWS certification. One challenge of an architect is having a mental model of how to build a...

Rhode Island used to be in Avalonia

Fun fact: Rhode Island was once in a continent of Avalonia, along with the UK and Ireland. Image Source: Malaga Bay

Fake Data

Create some fake data to entertain your friends and family. Actually, no one cares, but create...


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