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Best of Breed on the Data Stack

Each vendor that works on the data stack wants to provide a whole solution, but nimble competitors will always overcome sheer amounts of money.

AWS wants to build great data warehouse technology and BI tools, but AWS Redshift isn't as good as Snowflake, and Quicksight isn't as good as Metabase. Not that Redshift is bad, but it is more complex, more expensive, and harder to maintain than Snowflake.

Snowflake wants to build a BI tool, but Snowsight isn't as good as Metabase either. Snowsight isn't bad, but it isn't as intuitive and powerful as Metabase.

It's a good thing too; It provides a natural barrier to monopolies. A big company can throw all the money they want at a problem, but money won't fix the subtle issues. Only company focus can create spectacular successes, and no company can focus on everything.

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