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Cloud Adoption Framework Friday

I'm spending the day making up time on my AWS certification. One challenge of an architect is having a mental model of how to build a strategy and implement a cloud migration. The framework depends on analyzing the migration from six perspectives.


Build consensus among the business for moving to the cloud. Show that moving to the Cloud will gain business agility. Business leaders will have access to compute, storage, analytics, continuous integration resources from small to large scale. They will be able to provision systems in single sprints rather than over months-long provisioning cycles.

Other benefits

  • Consolidate data centers

  • Scale globally

  • Reduce infrastructure sprawl

  • Avoid unnecessary costs by only paying for what you use

  • Increase operational resilience with multi-AZ applications

  • Move to a DevOps model for business agility


Come up with a strategy for what you want to do. Classify each application as

  1. Re-host

  2. Re-platform - move a stand-alone database to an RDS instance

  3. Re-factor or re-architect - move to a servless architecture for scalability and reliability

  4. Re-purchase - buy something new - move to a new platform

  5. Retire - mark old technology as end of life

  6. Retain - utilize a hybrid cloud with older technology in place

Cloud Business Office

The cloud business office plans the migration

  • Enterprise Architecture (That's me)

  • Governance (me also)

  • Training and Readiness (bring in virtual training - CloudGuru)

  • Finance - build the case

  • Evaluate the organization and make structural changes

Automate the Process

Use to discover what you have. Maintain that list with automation.

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