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Iceland Airwaves Recap and Future Festivals

I saw Briet at Iceland Airwaves and she had a cadre of Icelandic Generation Z "Swifties" singing along to her beautiful songs in Icelandic. Her music felt like Americana in Icelandic. I absolutely loved her!

Another group that blew my mind was Love'n Joy from Ukraine. They have a charity called Musicians Defend Ukraine devoted to supporting musicians who've taken a pause from their careers to defend their country. Give them money - they are fighting for their lives!

It was so much fun to be out with my wife - no kiddos! My master plan for 2024 is to go to lots of music festivals without the kids. Of course, it has to be done the super-geek way: I am going to write up a program to pull event data and match it up with music I like from the KEXP DJ Favorites Dashboard. I'll have to pull that data off APIs. Browsing websites just isn't sporting. Here's a quick review of two free event APIs.

JamBase -

Looks promising. Waiting for info on a developer key. They have a well-documented API.

Seat Geek -

Easy to set up. No BS around getting API keys. Great documentation. Just use this.

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