• Tim Burns

It Begins: Mission AWS Architect Certification

I've decided to get AWS Architect Certified during this slow season of COVID isolation. I have a filled-out shell of a decent AWS stack in and now it's time to make it full pro, starting with security.

I ran AWS Control Tower on the site to lay the foundation for strong security infrastructure.

  1. Guardrails for Governance to Prevent and Detect Nefarious Activities

  2. Root, Core, and Custom Organizational Units

  3. Audit, log, and root accounts enrolled in the control tower

  4. Account factory for automated account provisioning

  5. AWS SSO default directory and single sign-on

  6. Landing zones for an Azrius Organization

I did incur a cost for the two new accounts. Will be tracking to see if these costs are recurring and get to the bottom of it. It isn't huge, but going from a daily cost of $0.15 to $0.86 per day is a significant increase.

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