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JetBrains Security Breach

While I was hoping to spend a focused day on development and writing, I was greeted by this:

Jetbrains has offered a statement denying it but the NYT is a credible source and if true, this is massive.

Jetbrains has denied the allegation.

November has the last security update.

Most developers only use IntelliJ or its derivatives like PyCharm should be aware of

A vulnerability be can be innocuous by itself, but a good hack generally entails leveraging one vulnerability to open another. Jetbrains uses many 3rd party Python, Java, or other libraries in the IDE, and introducing a malicious host at the system level could exploit other vulnerabilities.

The best approach here is to upgrade your PyCharm and IntelliJ. Avoid TeamCity until we understand better how it was leveraged in the SolarWinds attack.

Here are some CVEs for Jetbrains.

Critical and High:

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