• Tim Burns

Serverless 2020 Highlights

This dog cannot find his favorite fetch toy (where is it?)

Lambda Functions

Good point from the AWS presentation: Lambda responds to Data.

The event-driven nature of Lambda makes it hands-down the best architecture today. It responds directly to scale. It's simple.

My favorites:

My "doubts" (love that Indian synonym for questions)


Step Functions now have better support for synchronous workflows. Airflow is an old friend of mine and has an extensive set of pre-built workflows.

Deployment Services

Again for my favorite Indian word, have 'doubts' on AWS Proton.

My doubt on this one is why don't you use codebuild and cloudformation? Is it really agile?

Is there really that hard? From the buildspec.xml in CodeBuild.

    - echo "[+] Installing dependencies...."
    - echo "Running Cloud Formation scripts on `date` in `pwd`"
    - aws cloudformation package --template-file src/monitoring/template.yml --s3-bucket --output-template-file packaged-template.yaml
    - aws cloudformation deploy --template-file packaged-template.yaml --stack-name AzriusMonitoring --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM
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