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A Monk once Said - If you change code in deployment, stop

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Deploy using immutable infrastructure: This is a model that mandates that no updates, security patches, or configuration changes happen in-place on production systems. When a change is needed, the architecture is built onto new infrastructure and deployed into production.

The most common implementation of the immutable infrastructure paradigm is the immutable server. This means that if a server needs an update or a fix, new servers are deployed instead of updating the ones already in use. So, instead of logging into the server via SSH and updating the software version, every change in the application starts with a software push to the code repository, for example, git push. Since changes are not allowed in immutable infrastructure, you can be sure about the state of the deployed system. Immutable infrastructures are inherently more consistent, reliable, and predictable, and they simplify many aspects of software development and operations.

Always disappointing when development teams rely on changing code or modifying code in production.

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