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New Band on my Radar: Nation of Language

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

My article was published in Geek Culture on Medium last week, and I'm pleased with how it turned out, even if it didn't get many hits or (any) likes so far.

I'll admit the title is a bit boring, but I've found the content withstands the data value test: Can you use the Analytics Dashboard for a new insight?

It turns out I can, and I did. I refreshed the data and discovered a new band: Nation of Language. It was the top band played in the last three weeks by DJ John Richards.

KEXP DJ Favorites

So who is this band, "Nation of Language?" According to their Facebook bio, they are "Working Class Synth-Pop." According to an article on Paste Magazine, they the Miles Davis of New Wave. Wow, that's high praise.

Black Book magazine called them "Canny Post-Punk Revivalists," and I like that. They remind me of the post-punk bands of my childhood, like Joy Division, New Order, and The Cure.

Here are some of their current top songs:

They aren't playing near me, but I like their sound and they are Brooklyn-based, so will be watching their tour schedule.

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