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The Feast Feature Store and Snowflake

The Providence Athenaeum Library

A feature is a property of a data product that has been reduced into a form to be used for Machine Learning. The feature store contains values transformed via standard methods, such as providing boolean 0 or 1 values for specific properties such as is_blue or is_read or enumerating values like 0 for blue or 1 for red. Additionally, serial numbers can be turned into features by encoding the z-value or creating a mean [1].

Snowflake integrates with the open-source feature store technology Feast [2, 3].


  1. Google IO (2023) The Transform TFX Pipeline Component

  2. Feast (2023) Open Source Feature Store for Production ML

  3. M. Adkins (2022) Building machine learning features in Snowflake with open-source feature store Feast

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