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Analytics, Data Science, and My Own Opinions

The Owl Mountain Institute is dedicated to building Equity and Social change by providing expertise on Enterprise Architecture, Analytics, and Data Science.

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Know Your Snowflake Admin

Before DevOps and the associated glamor, DevOps was done by a Systems Administrator.

Data Governance Guide Posts

Data Governance is an oft-cited, oft-abused goal. Essentially, it is the process of governing a strategy for the acquisition and...

Scaling Event Handlers

Event-driven data pipelines naturally scale much better, but there are many choices. AWS offers SQS as a message queuing system and both...

Reasons for Step Functions

Some good reasons to use Step Functions in AWS * Dynamic Parallelism (AWS Article) * Event-Driven Architecture (Starting with CloudWatch...

Pandas Drives me Crazy

The Pandas library has many nice features: built-in algorithms, plotting functions, data manipulations. You can use it in many cases to...

DevOps QA and Brown M&Ms

Van Halen had a famous policy to test whether a venue paid attention to details. In the snacks section of their contract, they had...

Don't Develop in Production!

Sometimes the obvious is obvious. Don't do development in production, even if you haven't deployed yet. Some shops will do their initial...

AWS Stepfunctions Rock!

The Step Function feature in AWS makes expensive integration platforms obsolete. I'll be looking at the price carefully, but if you find...

Curl to PyTest

Curl is fine for testing manually, but my eyes get tired watching all that JSON mumbo-jumbo. curl -H "X-API-KEY: ${X_API_KEY}" -X POST...


In a world of agile nincompoops spewing corporate psychobabble nonsense, I am occasionally reminded that there are good people out there...

A Dungeon Master's API Gateway

Every good adventure starts with a door. Perhaps the door is more than a door, but a gateway to some enchanted temple. As a Dungeon...

How Copy S3 Data Directly into Postgres

If you've read my previous articles on Postgres, you now have the ability to spin up and spin down a Postgres instance from the command...

Using a Lambda Layer with API Gateway

AWS API Gateway is one of the most common ways to trigger a Lambda function. The API gateway acts as a front end to the Lambda function,...

Test First Design with AWS Serverless

Get Test Coverage with PyTest on Local Systems Momentum is building behind pure serverless environments with API Gateway and Lambda, but...

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